Hashdex launches 100% Bitcoin fund aimed at Brazil’s millionaires

With contributions above R$ 10 thousand, fund will be available for investors from this Wednesday (14)

Hashdex announced the creation of a new fund in Brazil that will be 100% represented by Cryptomoeda Bitcoin (BTC). Aimed at investors considered „qualified“ in the financial market, according to Valor Investe, the fund will accept the entrance of users with contributions above US$ 1 million.

Called Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM, Hashdex’s 100% cryptomeda fund will be available for trading on the company’s platform from this Wednesday (14).

However, this is not the first fund exclusively dedicated to BTC that was launched in the Brazilian market of cryptomoeda. Recently, the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) approved the BTC MAX FIM IE QR fund, which belongs to QR Capital, also 100% backed by Bitcoin.
Fund 100% in Bitcoin

The Bitcoin 100% Hashdex fund, backed by cryptomoeda, will be directed only to great investors in Brazil, with investments from $ 10 thousand.

Considered for „bold investors, the administration fee of the Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM fund will be only 0,75%. Meanwhile, Hashdex has announced that it will not charge performance fees for the fund 100% in Bitcoin.

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In an interview with Valor Investe, the president of Hashdex, Marcelo Sampaio, said that the Bitcoin fund still has guarantees against theft and or loss of cryptomites, making the investment safer for users.

„The investment via fund avoids eventual risks, such as loss of bitcoins and theft by hackers“.

In addition, Sampaio warns that the Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM fund will have a more simplified taxation due to the classification of the investment as multimarket funds.

„Another gain is that the product has multi-market fund taxation, which makes it easier for the investor to understand“.

Other investment funds

Although Hashdex announced the creation of a 100% Bitcoin fund on Tuesday (13), the BTC MAX FIM IE QR fund was approved by the CVM on October 1, 2020.

Thus, the QR Capital fund was considered the first „purist“, 100% backed by Bitcoin. The company’s forecast is to increase the fund’s funding to 100 million by the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, Hashdex fund allows the entrance of investors with values from $ 10 thousand, the 100% Bitcoin fund of QR Capital allows contributions only above $ 50 thousand.

Another great novelty that Hasdex brought to the market at the end of September 2020, was the first Bitcoin ETF and cryptomoedas of the world. In this case, the fund was created in partnership with Nasdaq.